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Title: China III - Guangzhou for solo percussion, viola, cello and piano
Authors: Constantinides, Dinos
Keywords: LRC138b
Issue Date: 1992
Abstract: China III - Guangzhou (1992) is the third work of a cycle called the China Quartet. Like China II this work portrays a story, highlighted by the colors of several percussion instruments. A legend regarding the City of Guangzhou is the source of inspiration for this composition. In the legend, five celestial beings riding celestial rams landed in Nanjiao (the ancient name of Guangzhou). These beings gave golden ears of corn to the people, praying that the famine would vanish forever. Thus, Guangzhou is also called “City of Five Rams” or “City of Grain Ears.” This piece is dedicated to percussionist John Raush.
Rights: Dinos Constantinides
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