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Title: Concerto for Orchestra
Authors: Constantinides, Dinos
Keywords: LRC118
Issue Date: 1988
Abstract: Concerto for Orchestra (1997) is a revised version of the composer’s doctoral dissertation Concerto for Violin, Violoncello, Piano, and Orchestra. It was originally projected as a unified work with no pauses between movements; but tradition, along with greater ease of comprehension, seemed to indicate the advantage of separating the movements. Serial techniques are used, with two rows used throughout. The rows have a definite relationship, although the second row is of subordinate importance. The formal structures used are rather traditional. The first movement, Allegro moderato, has a modified sonata-allegro form with double exposition. Ostinato and rhythmic figures lead to the climax of this movement. The second movement, Largo, has a very transparent texture, and an ABA formal design. The closing Allegro vivo employs very vivid, rhythmic, virtuoso passages.
Rights: Dinos Constantinides
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