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Author: Ζιώγος, Ευάγγελος
Title: ESG factors (environmental, social, governance): institutional framework and impact on credit institutions
Alternative Titles: Κριτήρια ESG (environmental, social, governance): θεσμικό πλαίσιο και επιπτώσεις στα χρηματοπιστωτικά ιδρύματα
Date Issued: 2023
Department: Διατμηματικό Πρόγραμμα Μεταπτυχιακών Σπουδών στη Διοίκηση Επιχειρήσεων
Supervisor: Ταμπακούδης, Ιωάννης
Abstract: ESG-related risks and opportunities is the most important challenge for businesses, governments, international organizations in the 21st century. Most importantly, credit institutions and asset management companies, due to their crucial role in the financing the economy and various major projects, have been in the epicenter of the pressure to adopt ESG factors or criteria in the course of their business in the short-term and the long-term. In Chapter I, a brief introduction is made to each one of the three pillars of the ESG criteria or factors, the rationale behind their emergence and the needs their adoption addresses. In Chapter II, the first part is related to the field of play of commercial and investment banks on one side, and asset management on the other side with regards to ESG risks and opportunities, whereas in the second part, the most predominant ESG metrics and scores rating agencies, as well as each one’s individual ESG scoring methodologies are analyzed and displayed. In Chapter III are the most important legislative and regulatory initiatives regarding the adoption of ESG risks and opportunities for banks and investment funds in the legal orders of the European Union, the United Kingdom and the United States are presented and analyzed, as well as proposed legislative developments in the ESG-field. Finally, in Chapter IV, reference is made to the bibliography regarding the above-mentioned items of study and a critical assessment is performed regarding the existing framework, as well as recommendations for the future.
Information: Διπλωματική εργασία--Πανεπιστήμιο Μακεδονίας, Θεσσαλονίκη, 2023.
Rights: Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 Διεθνές
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