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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023The stance of the GOC with regard to migrants and refugees in Greece during the period 2011-2021Τσατσάνη, Δανάη
2023Femicides in human rights law: s comparative study of the regional human rights protection mechanisms in Europe and Latin AmericaΜπαλαντίνα, Γεωργία Ιοκάστη
2023Becoming a street-level bureaucrat: aspects of discretion in asylum decision-making. An autoethnography of a caseworker in the Greek Asylum Service.Karastergiou, Maria Nektaria
2023Securing borders or refugee lives? Securitization perspectives vis-à-vis the rights of refugees in Greece and the EUΚαπνίδου, Ηλιάνα
2023Forced marriage in the communities of refugees in Greece. The legal consequencesSalampasi, Vasiliki
2023Adoption and fostering through the prism of single – parenting in GreeceKyriakopoulou, Raymondi
2023Covid – 19 pandemic: human rights protection under the European Convention on Human RightsΠάνου, Ναταλία
2023The impact of emigration on british society since World War IIBasta, Efsevia
2023Exploitation, migration, and fast fashion: the repercussions of the fourth industrial revolution in Asia examined through globalization and new growth theoryΚομνηνού, Μάρθα
2023Spaces of solidarity: the case of Athens’ refugee housing squatsDemir, Sila
2023Propaganda in the contemporary world: international, legal, and political perspectivesMavroeidi, Foteini
2023The impact of the Russian - Ukrainian War on the food supply chain: a review of the effects on the global economy and malnutritionΧιώτη, Εριφύλλη
2023During and after the war: examination of the psychological driving forces which lead to violations of International Humanitarian LawΠαρασκευοπούλου, Ελένη Νεφέλη
2023Greece's adherence to the CEAS minimum standards on reception and the European Court of Human RightsChrysomallos, Alexandros
2023Sexual exploitation and abuse by UN peacekeepersDoudoumis, Vasileios
2023EU-Turkey relations and the mediterranean refugee crisis challenge: rerceptions on Turkey’s regional engagementΙγγλέσης, Νικόλαος
2023The integration of Syrian refugees into the german labor market. A case of migration development nexus?Kardakari, Dimitra
2023Sexual orientation and gender identity as reason for forced migrationNάρη, Μαρία Χριστίνα
2023Europeanization and migration in Greece during the periods of economic and migration crisis (2009-2015)Τριανταφύλλου, Λαμπρινή
2023Humanitarianism and security: the critical case of Frontex and GreeceΚουγιουμτζή, Σεβαστή
2023Inclusive education and the impact of Covid-19 on children with disabilities, a literature review.Doka, Eleftheria
2023The principle of non-refoulement, the pushbacks of asylum seekers by Greece, and the role of Frontex.Κόλα, Μαλβίνα
2023Mental Health Issues rise among refugees in Greece: discussion on the mental health services “delivery” to refugees.Μπαμπλέκη, Θεοδώρα
2023Kurdish masculinities, from the local socio-cultural context to the global diasporaΤερζούδης, Χρήστος
2023Gay persecution and biopolitics: a comparative analysis in nazi Germany and ChechnyaΖακαλκάς, Ανδρέας
2023The media presentation of the refugees’ and locals’ voices in Eidomeni and Moria through the lens of human rights and media ethics.Μπρανιώτη, Κοραλία
2023Violence and persistence anti discrimination against lgbt persons: a comparative legal analysis between central african states (cemac zone) vs the african union policy instruments in addressing violence against lgbt peopleClaris, Nkafu
2023Gender-based violence during the pandemic. Feminist discourses and practices in Greek public space.Γιάτσιου, Βασιλική
2023Environmental rights and environmental justice; examining the case of the roma people in EuropeBazani, Maria
Results 1-29 of 29 (Search time: 0.218 seconds).
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