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dc.contributor.authorConstantinides, Dinosen
dc.descriptionPoetry: Mutability, Percy Bysshe Shelleyen
dc.description.abstractThe Mutability for Trumpet in C and String Quartet was inspired by the poems of Percy Bysshe Shelley, Mutability. All its movements center around the idea of constant change, but they are interrelated. The link between them is an old Greek popular tune that is employed throughout the composition. This tune is transformed in many ways and dispersed among the instruments in all the movements of the work. In the last movement, echoes of the Funeral March of Chopin culminate the mood of the entire composition which is sometimes somber, lyrical or dramatic. Mutability derives from a 1979 String Quartet which was premiered at Carnegie Recital Hall in New York the same year.en
dc.format.extent24 filesen
dc.rightsDinos Constantinidesen
dc.titleMutability for Trumpet in C and String Quarteten
dc.typeMusical Scoreen
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