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Title: Diakos Suite for Orchestra
Authors: Constantinides, Dinos
Keywords: LRC71
Issue Date: 1980
Abstract: The “Diakos Suite for Orchestra” is extracted from the incidental music written for the Greek play “Diakos” in 1961. This play deals with the life of the Greek hero Athanassios Diakos whose courageous actions inspired his compatriots in the early stages of the Greek revolution for freedom against Turkey in 1921. The music, which employs Greek rhythms and modal tunes, was meant to portray the character of rural Greece. The play “Diakos” was performed in New York City by the “Lemos Theater” in 1961. There is a version of the work called “Suite for Two Pianos: Diakos Suite.” Also, the composer has written another setting called “Four Greek Songs” for soprano and piano employing the same musical ideas set to poetry by four different Greek poets. The latter composition is recorded on a compact disc by Vestige Records entitled “Dinos Constantinides - Antigone and Other Vocal Works.”
Rights: Dinos Constantinides
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