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Title: China IV - Shenzhen, Concerto for Cello and Orchestra
Authors: Constantinides, Dinos
Keywords: LRC139b
Issue Date: 1992
Abstract: China IV - Shenzhen (1992) is the fourth work of a cycle called the China Quartet. Like the three previous works, China IV does not use Chinese scales or motives, but rather projects the composer’s perception of the city and people. Unlike the other three cities-Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou-Shenzhen is a new westernized city next to Hong Kong. Not only the city itself, but the behavior of the people, reminded the composer of westerners. The concerto was composed with the western flavor of Shenzhen in mind. It uses elements of western roots in the music, like Shenzhen uses western roots in its way of life. In addition, the composer wanted to employ ideas basic to the literature of solo cello, including those derived from the unaccompanied sonatas for solo cello by Bach and the long phrases abundant in cello concertos by Schumann, Dvorak, and Saint-Saens. This concerto is dedicated to Ning Tien.
Rights: Dinos Constantinides
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