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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993Transformations for oboe and pianoConstantinides, Dinos
1994The Oracle at Delphi: Study III for violin, clarinet, and pianoConstantinides, Dinos
1999The Oracle at Delphi: Study III for flute, clarinet and pianoConstantinides, Dinos
2004Tale for Flute, Clarinet, and pianoConstantinides, Dinos
1998Trio No. 3 for violin, alto saxophone and pianoConstantinides, Dinos
2011Transformations for soprano saxophone and pianoConstantinides, Dinos
2002The Penguin Parade: for reader, flute, string bass, and string quartetConstantinides, Dinos
2001Grecianas Brasileiras: for flauto d’amore and stringsConstantinides, Dinos
1968Landscape V: for violin and pianoConstantinides, Dinos
2001Landscape III: for soprano or tenor Saxophone and string orchestraConstantinides, Dinos
2001Recollections for Theofilos: for solo saxophoneConstantinides, Dinos
2001Elegy for K: for String Quartet or String OrchestraConstantinides, Dinos
2002A Little Song for Iwona: for voice, flute, and string quartetConstantinides, Dinos
2002Τραγούδια για την Ήπειρο: για φωνή και κρουστάConstantinides, Dinos
2002A Little Song for Iwona: for solo fluteConstantinides, Dinos
2005Concerto No. 2 for Violin and OrchestraConstantinides, Dinos
2005Homage: a folk concerto for Alto Saxophone and OrchestraConstantinides, Dinos
1974Dedications for orchestraConstantinides, Dinos
2007The cat that walked by himself: assemblages II: for reader, guitar, and string quartetConstantinides, Dinos
2010Celestial Musings: for alto saxophone aloneConstantinides, Dinos
2006Hellenic Musings: for Violin, Clarinet in B flat or Soprano Saxophone and pianoConstantinides, Dinos
2006Celestial Musings: for violin aloneConstantinides, Dinos
2006Dialogue for violin and double bassConstantinides, Dinos
2000The singing cucaracha: for reader, soprano, flute and string quintetConstantinides, Dinos
1986Walls of Time for Orchestra and Double Chorus: piano versionConstantinides, Dinos
1976Trio No.2b for violin, cello, and pianoConstantinides, Dinos
1995Trio No. 3 for violin, clarinet and pianoConstantinides, Dinos
1978Woodwind QuintetConstantinides, Dinos
1996Transformations for clarinet aloneConstantinides, Dinos
1977Woodwind QuartetConstantinides, Dinos
Results 31-60 of 419 (Search time: 0.06 seconds).