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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011European intervention in the Yugoslav conflict, 1991-1995.Νότα, Μαρία
2014Η Χούντα και άλλες ιστορίες: μια προσέγγιση πολιτικής ανθρωπολογίας στην οθόνη.Ρούτος, Δημήτριος
2016Does civil society strength facilitate EU accession for the Balkans? Lessons from Slovenia and CroatiaRajendra, Yogambigai
2017Geopolitics vs. energy politics: what drives Russian foreign policy?Mersek, Lee
2016EU- Mercosur relationsΕμβολιάδου, Φωτεινή
2017Economic freedom and development in Greece in comparison with Europe, the United Stated of America, Balkans and Black SeaΜαρουλάκης, Σάββας-Αλέξανδρος
2015Analysing the causes of post-Cold War conflicts in Western balkans: the cases of Albania and MacedoniaTkadlecova, Tana
2018Legal and illegal Chinese immigrants in Greece: status, stories, narratives from a fieldwork in ThessalonikiYang, Jie
2018Corruption, inflation and income distribution in transition economies: the Balkan regionLopez Miguelez, Jaime
2017Refugee/Migration flows and security issues in EuropeΨάλτη, Ήβη
2017The international criminal tribunal for Yugoslavia and the case of MilosevicΔράγιου, Φωτεινή
2017The attitude of the European People’s Party towards the Eurozone crisisΘεοδώρου, Παναγιώτης
2017The impact of EU conditionality on civil society development in the Balkans: Eastern and Western Balkans in comparative perspectiveΧατζηπαπάς, Αντώνης
2016Cooperation in the Black Sea RegionManukyan, Anna
2018The participation of the military forces of Greece in Peace Operations : the case of Southeastern Europe and the Middle East.Σιδηρόπουλος, Πασχάλης
2018At what extend were the US Special Forces successful as a tool of the American Foreign Policy? Focusing on the cases of Afghanistan and Iraq.Masougkas, Stylianos
2018International business between Greece and Bulgaria : from enemies to partnersΜιχαλοπούλου, Παρασκευή
2018Regional competitiveness and growth strategy in Western Balkan countries : the case of FYR Macedonia, Serbia and AlbaniaKaljoshevska, Sonja
2019Kemalist Ideology in modern Turkey : is the secularist state in a process of change?Κουτσουράς, Γεώργιος
2016Smart specialisation; an overview of a regional growth policy toolΠαπαθανασίου, Δημήτριος; Papathanasiou, Dimitrios
2015Political sources of growth and competitiveness contemporary Serbia in comparative perspectiveΑνανικίδης, Αλέξανδρος; Anananikidis, Alexandros
2020Integration of minorities and interculturalism in the greek education systemΤάσιου, Χρυσάνθη
2019Eine Fallstudie zu nichtstaatlichen Akteuren im NordsyrienkonfliktAlbert, Bruno Leander
2020Immigration, the ultimate wedge issue... how radical right-wing parties are influencing mainstream parties' in Western and Eastern Europe to shift immigration positions to the right.Jetton, Rodney
2020The Effectiveness of the EU’s Conditionality Policy in the Western BalkansΧατζηστεφάνου, Σοφία
2020A methodological framework for risk assessment and analysis of land borders. Case study: region of Kilkis, Greece.Kalogianni, Christina
2020Police functions, practices and human rights protection: the case of GreeceΑστερίου, Κορίνα
2020The peculiar relationship between human rights and religion: the case of TurkeyΜακρή, Θεοδώρα
2020No longer a child, not quite an adult: a critique of EU human rights approaches to unaccompanied asylum seeking and migrant minors in their transition to adulthoodDe Gravelles, Natalia
2020Industry’s growth architects – an Analysis of an emerging European industrial policy in a classic national domainStindt, Maximilian David
Results 121-150 of 153 (Search time: 0.31 seconds).