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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011EU external economic relations with Serbia. Legal, trade and economic aspects.Drazovic, Aleksandra
2014The competitiveness of russian economy.Kokkoliadis, Ilias
2012NATO and the evolving relationship with Russia.Κλιάτσης, Δημήτριος; Kliatsis, Dimitrios
2013Albanian labour migrants in Greece during the “economic crisis”: labour migrants in Ammouliani and Veroia.Pazara, Maria; Παζάρα, Μαρία
2010Long term contracts in the natural gas industry and the EU regulatory frameworkΠεντά, Γεωργία
2010Europeanization and public administration reform in old and new European Union member states:Greece, Portugal, Czech Republic and Romania in comparative perspective.Πουσίνη, Σωτηρία
2010Why is CHP – The main opposition party in Turkey – Giving mixed signals about EU? The domestic modernization discourseΠιτσίλκας, Χαράλαμπος
2015According the current situation, is it benefit for Greece to remain or leave from Eurozone?: the case of the financial crisis in Greece.Gogou, Ifigenia Dimitriou; Γώγου, Ιφιγένεια
2015Territorial cooperation in South-East Europe.Παπαποστόλου, Γεώργιος; Papapostolou, George
2016Profitability of 4 Greek systemic banks during the euro eraPetropoulos, Athanasios
2016The search for the rehabilitation of the image of Crimean Tatars in post-WWII period and their struggle for self-determinationKhomenko, Igor
2016Ideology, evolution and electoral performance of extreme right parties in Central and Eastern Europe: focusing on Jobbik (Hungary) and L'SNS (Slovakia)Filotheou, Charalampos-Evangelos; Φιλοθέου, Χαράλαμπος-Ευάγγελος
2012Legal and political dimensions of the blocade on the WFP Food Aid by the Ethiopean government in the Ogaden (2007-2012)Ζούνης, Κωνσταντίνος
2012Regionalism versus multilateralism.Στεφανίδου, Ελένη; Stefanidou, Eleni
2010Labour Mobility: A comparative analysis between EU and US.Μπάτιου, Βασιλική
2010Economic recession and the sustainability of European Monetary Union and Stability and Growth Pact: Greece, Spain and Portugal in comparative perspective.Τραϊκούδης, Χρήστος
2013Evaluation of the competitiveness and the business environment of Bulgaria.Αθανασιάδης, Νικόλαος; Athanasiadis, Nikolaos
2013Vocational education and training, the EU labour market and the economic crisis: the cases of the UK and Germany.Anastasiou, Anestis Th.; Αναστασίου, Ανέστης Θ.
2013Post-cold war ukrainian foreign policy: Kiev between East and West.Pashchuk, Iuliia
2013Banking systems in currency crises: the cases of Russia and Turkey.Koursioumi, Theodora
2013Serbia and World Trade Organisation.Josic, Zorana
2013Agricultural dynamics in Southeastern Europe: the case of Romania.Χατζηγιάννη, Πηνελόπη; Chatzigianni, Pinelopi
2012Energy security in Eastern Mediterranean; Gas discoveries and implications in Israel–Cyprus-Turkey Region.Γιώτης, Σπυρίδων; Giotis, Spyridon
2014Transparency in the banking sector via electronic means.Παπαδόπουλος, Βασίλειος; Papadopoulos, Basileios
2013Protection of Roma/Gypsies as a minority in Europe, with special focus on France.Glymitsas, Grigorios; Γλυμίτσας, Γρηγόριος
2013Political and international implications of integrated water resources management of transboundary river basins: the case of Axios/Vardar River basin.Tsavdaridis, Michail I.; Τσαβδαρίδης, Μιχαήλ
2013The global financial crisis and its impact on Central Eastern and South Eastern Europe: the cases of Poland, Latvia and Romania.Thoma, Evangelia
2013Evaluation of the competitiveness and the business environment of Russia.Sidiropoulos, Nikolaos
2013Green parties in government: the cases of Western and Eastern Europe.Mantziaris-Zafeiris, Stergios
2013Promoting nation building and nation branding through Western European integration in the Eurovision song contest.Kitsios, Theodoros
Results 1-30 of 143 (Search time: 0.299 seconds).